Privacy Policy


Owners & operators of are committed to respecting and guarding the privacy of any and all who visit, browse, participate, subscribe, email, purchase, or otherwise have contact with our site or companies. We treat any and all contact and correspondence with the utmost in discretion. Just as we would want, and expect to be treated ourselves when dealing with any other company or Website.

We DO NOT maintain any type of mailing list and NEVER SEND UNSOLICITED CORRESPONDENCE, marketing or advertising to anyone!

We DO NOT collect personal information other than that which is necessary to process subscription, service or product orders. As with any normal online transaction processing, this information is always handled via modern encrypted transmission via a secure web server, and is not accessible to anyone but the credit card processing companies. We do not save any credit card information on file after use with any transaction.

We will never trade, sell, or otherwise release anyone's personal information, email addresses or other contact information to anyone. Any and all user-submitted materials or information, including that accompanying modeling applications, is held in the strictest confidence and will never be re-distributed or shared in any way without the express written authorization of the submitting individual.

The bottom line is that we understand and share the need to maintain a very discrete and trustworthy relationship with everyone whom we have contact with, or who has contact with our site.

It is our policy to treat all personal information, correspondence or other contact with the highest level possible of discretion, and respect for your privacy.


'EPOCH.COM' will appear on your credit card statement as the beneficiary of a transaction. For questions or problems relating to this transaction, please visit, our authorized sales agent.